Good Morning


Have you ever woken up smiling?

This morning, I actually woke up smiling, happy, and completely content. I will add that I am human, so mornings like this don’t come very often, but when they do arrive first thing in the morning, I wholeheartedly embrace them. I hugged both of my dogs as soon as I opened my eyes (I usually don’t allow them to sleep on the bed because they’ve been walking and running around outside all day and it becomes uncomfortable with four bodies on a queen size bed). I successfully completed 30 minutes of yoga, without distraction, made a delicious breakfast, and walked my pups basking in the beautiful weather we were blessed with! Nearly no traffic, the birds were very social, sunshine, and a high of 65 degrees, grass coated with a little of that morning dew. My house hasn’t been cleaned in weeks and my dogs haven’t been cleaned in almost a month and a half. I woke up fully aware of the state of my messy unorganized life, and yet I am still so happy with life!

What I am hoping to share with you is that whenever your day starts with even the slightest bit of positive energy, try not to question or even think too much about the reason it’s happening. Try, instead, to hold on to it. We all know that with life’s daily demands, this energy doesn’t exactly come very easy. I believe these occurrences happen because, in reality, We are blessed with everything we need in order to be happy: Life, Love, Shelter, Food, Freedom, and the list goes on.

Those Good Mornings, or good moments occur because we are consciously content with those essentials. But, then we are pulled back to ‘reality’. Society’s status quo takes all of that away from us and says, “How foolish of you. That’s not enough, you need more.” It conditions us in the worst ways:

  1. Work yourself to death at an unfulfilling job so that you can be happy later in life
  2. Borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for bigger and better things and spend your life paying that back at a higher rate
  3. If someone doesn’t like or do what the majority likes or does, they are weird
  4. Share every picture/video of every experience online with people you haven’t talked to in 15 years
  5. Stay in your comfort zone and stick to what you know. Venturing into the unknown is risky and risks are irresponsible

There are more than this. Unfortunately,  I am a member of this society and am not immune to it’s pressures, but I do aim to remain awake when I know they’re affecting me. Knowing what you want and what makes you happy is imperative to a peaceful existence.. Ignore those rules and embrace your life and your blessings. Think about your life rules that you live by. Those blissful moments, like the one I experienced this morning, are reminders of what is truly important. Welcome them…

Please feel fee to share your thoughts, views, and experiences with your own blissful moments and society’s rules of life.

With Light,


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