Forever Evolving

Ever experienced road rage?

Like many ‘nine to fivers’, I hit waves of bumper to bumper traffic on my commute to and from work. On my way home today, I experienced a bit of road rage. In this particular situation I was stuck behind a white work van that must have stepped on his brakes every two seconds (I could tell because his brake lights kept taunting me). I don’t know about most people, but that irks me. So, in order to escape the continuous flashing of break lights, I swerved to merge into the lane to my left without realizing that a huge black pick up truck as speeding past in that very lane. He sped past after I recovered and settled into my original lane (after he took a good long disapproving look at me) and I merged in closely after him with just enough space between him and the driver behind (dangerously tight). It could have been a scene from the Fast and the Furious.

In my new and slightly improved lane, I had a clear view of the ‘breaking van’ and I was teeming with so much anger that I wasn’t even focused on my driving.

Then I noticed that I wasn’t breathing.

Energy is an amazing wonder. Not only are we affected by each others’ energy when in person, but we are just as affected on the road. Energy is transferable, which means that a stranger’s negative or positive energy can very easily be transferred to me or you or anyone in his/her path. I believe it happens even more often on the road when we are behind the wheel because we misinterpret another driver’s urgency, slow pace, or other driving habits as a direct insult towards us. And then we obsess. This is how I was feeling in this situation. This article breaks it down perfectly regarding this factor of road rage.

When I realized that I wasn’t breathing properly, I knew I had to stop and take a step back. I actually verbally said to myself, “This is not me. This is not who I am,” and I truly had a heart to heart with my own heart. My reaction to the driver in the white van was not a conscious one and could have caused a serious accident.

I thought it important to share how immediate and harmful my responses were without taking a moment to be fully aware of the actual situation and letting go of my EGO screaming at me. The ego is where the “self” resides and it has a great influence on the soul. Shifting your focus from the ego is trying but most definitely doable. What brings me back to earth is exactly what I did during this incident:

Pause (Take a step back before you react)

Breath (take a couple of attentive breaths)

Think (Consider the actual situation and Remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be)

I am forever evolving and maintaining constant consciousness in my outward self, my inner self, my speech, my thoughts, and my reactions is imperative to my journey. This circumstance was a huge reminder.

I hope this helps in reminding you to stay awake and become more aware of the actions of others and, in turn, your own reactions.

Have you ever experienced negative energy because of another person or group of people? What were your reactions and what are some of the ways you overcame that imbalance on your soul?

With Light,


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