Letting Go


How does what your doing serve you?

We all have our hands in so many different buckets these days and I know from experience that it can get extremely overwhelming. Not to worry though! There is a ton of information online to advise us with organizing and prioritizing our busy lives. You’ll find info on everything from keeping a schedule and time management to instructions on writing to do lists and decluttering. While all these tips are very helpful and many of them are ones we don’t automatically think about ourselves, none of them tells you to just simply quit.

I’d like to take a moment to pose the question above again: How does what you’re doing serve you?

I have recently been experiencing minor anxiety attacks because of the roles I have accepted. I am an AmeriCorps member which requires me to acquire 1700 hours of volunteering in one year. I am also a member of LeaderCorps in which I am responsible for creating and executing a community service event. I am completing a Leadership Certification online at a university near me. AND I have accepted a position at a nearby college as an enrollment advisor that requires me to learn everything there is to know about the college from application, registration, enrollment, financial aid, all other departments, and details all programs. I’m also married and share one car with my husband. Oh, and we have two very energetic dogs.

Are you tired yet?

When I was driving in my car feeling anxious about all the deadlines, meetings, commitments, and obligations I am stacking up, I felt the need to take a moment to contemplate all the stuff I have going on. I honestly asked myself what in my life is currently serving me, in a positive way.

We are so used to ignoring all the signs telling us that something is hurting us more than it is helping us:

The anxiety and depression. The headaches and migraines. The insomnia and heartburn. The loss of appetite or acceleration of it. The digestive interruptions and a whole lot more…

And it doesn’t only necessarily apply to work and business matters but can also be extended to the people we allow in our lives and the amount of influence we give them.

I think it’s crucial to reflect on the work we do, the activities we are involved in, the company we keep, and our lives in general to make the distinction between what is positively helping us and what is constantly dragging us downward. Nowadays, I feel like it is frowned upon to quit anything. Filling our days and lives with appointments and meetups and tasks seems to be the norm, and quitting is seen as a sign of weakness. The word itself has such a negative connotation.

Let’s substitute the word ‘quit‘ for the phrase ‘let go’.

Let go of what no longer serves you. And let go of that pressure you may feel to hold on.

I won’t say that it’s as simple as that. I know that saying something is much easier than carrying it through. So, for those of us who want to establish that decision…

1.) It starts with cultivating your knowledge of self. Who are you? Who do you aim to be? And how does what you’re doing and your situation fit into your journey?

2.) Reevaluate the elements in your life. What role do they play in your present and in your future?

3.) Identify the reasons you commuted to these elements. What or who motivated your decisions? Are those initial reasons still relevant to you now?

4.) Believe and trust in your intuitions. If you have been predominately think about leaving an element behind when contemplating whether or not to soldier through, and even though you’ve chosen to carry on you still hear that voice telling you to step away… trust it and trust yourself…

There have been many times in my past that I felt the need to let go of work, habits, people and the like because those parts of my life were not serving me in any way. It is still something that I struggle with.

I’d like to say that I am in no way implying that being overly involved and busy is unacceptable. We may find that, after following the steps above, the things that are overwhelming us are actually pulling us in the direction we want to move in but we need to better manage our lives to keep moving forward.

What I am hoping to get across is that we can learn from this process of letting go. We learn who we are. We learn where we truly belong. We learn our strengths and weaknesses. We find ourselves. After all, this is all a part of evolving.

The universe has this incredible way of guiding us! And with thought, prayer, meditation, or whichever practice you prefer, we can discover what it is trying to tell us.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! How easy is it for you to quit or let go? Do you feel it’s important to reevaluate the significance of each element in our lives? What is your method for doing so?

With Light,


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