Keep Breathing

Forever Evolving

How important is it to breath?

It is said that we should make use of every single breath because once breathing ends, life becomes meaningless. Life becomes no more. This is why there has been so much emphasis on proper breathing. But, also focusing on the significance of the breath can lead to a greater understanding of our life experiences.


In 2017 I thought I had finally found my voice. That year, I followed my dreams and began writing and sharing my thoughts with the world. At the end of 2017, I was introduced to the world of social justice and ended up spending much of the past year and a half learning what hate is.

What it looks like.

How it feels.

And what it leaves behind.

Phrases like Antiblackness, Gentrification, OppressionInternalized Racism, Internalized Superiority, among many others, opened the doors to a side of the world I knew nothing about in all of my, then, 27 years of living. Hate slapped me in the face from all angles. I became completely agitated and my writing came to a grinding halt.

Imagine waking up everyday mentally preparing yourself to fight that hatred. The world became a battlefield as I started declaring war with everyone. Anyone who wasn’t my shade of brown was my enemy before I could even make eye contact with them.

I felt, so deeply, the weight of my skin. The weight of my ancestors. The weight of the struggles of the people I loved. The weight of the systematic oppression of the entire world. This was a dark place.

I felt so alone. I felt so hurt.

But where there is darkness, there is always light.


It was not easy. The process of becoming truly alert to injustice in society is much like receiving several very rude, very real awakenings. I started to receive messages from Source and at some point, I decided to actually pay attention to them. One message, in particular, was love. I thought I knew everything there was to know about love, but after learning everything that I had in the past year, I couldn’t see how it was possible to recognize it anymore. Love kept trying to reach me. Lightly tapping on the door to my heart with patience, as if it were confident that I would come around and open it eventually.

And I did… eventually.

This year, I am opening the door to love. Unconditional love. Love for myself. Love for others.

Before I could go on writing and sharing my voice and my journey with the world, I felt it was important for me to share what I have been going through. My writing may change. My focus may change. My flow may change. Because I have changed.

I extend sincere gratitude and appreciation for that part of my human experience. Now, I know, just a little more clearly, what it means and how it feels to be human. Because of this evolution, I genuinely know the importance of breathing.

Breathing is Inhaling and Receiving and Learning

Breathing is Exhaling and Releasing and Letting Go

Breathing is Evolving and Growing with each Breath

Breathing is Life

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