Forever Evolving

I have made a commitment to connect with my spirit. And have made it my mission to feel it, listen to it, and honor it…

A thought came to me one morning a few months ago:

“Who would I be if I stripped myself of all that I think I am? If I did away with my name, age, gender, race, career choice, and familial roles my physical form is attached to?”

I realize that I’ve slowly been on my way to this awakening my whole life. As a child, I often thought about who I was and knew that I didn’t identify with society’s formalities.

I also contemplated how limiting life can be. As soon as we arrive earthside, we’re immediately given titles telling us who we are. And throughout our lives, those identities are affirmed by the environment around us.

But who was I before all of that? And who would I be if I chose my own identity?

I was spirit.    I am spirit.

But it’s lost in everything the world has taught me about myself. This realm is so distracting, making it easy to be pulled away from our true selves. But we have the ability to tap into our spiritual power and spiritual destinies.

One way I started this journey was to pay close attention to my intuition. People have many different ways of describing this sensation:

Your Instinct

That ‘Gut Feeling’

Your Heart

But they’re all connected to one thing: the energy that is your spirit. Guiding you and telling you, “This is good for us,” or, “Be careful, this doesn’t seem right”.

Another way I connect is by realizing the synchronicities and coincidences in my life. You’ve experienced that before:

  • Like that one time, you heard a song playing in a shop and then watched a random movie later that played that very same song.
  • Or when a thought comes to your mind and then you overhear someone in the line at the grocery store express that very same thought.

These are confirmations. When your spirit is communicating to you that you are in the right place, that you have connected with the right person, and so on and so forth.

               And one of the most profound ways to guide your spiritual connection is to TRUST YOUR SPIRIT. It will never ever steer you wrong. Spirit is the realist and most definite thing that exists in this world.

The results of connecting with my spirit have been immense. The more I connect with spirit, the more I can understand things more clearly. The more I attract exactly what I want and need. The more I love myself. And the more I let go of all inhibitions. It’s fulfilling in ways that I can’t explain in words. This relationship has transformed me in so many ways. It has allowed me to thrive in every aspect of this life’s journey. In moments when I am elevating, and in moments when I think that all I can see is darkness.

What is your relationship with your spirit?

With Light,


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