Forever Evolving

For the past few days, I have been in awe and inspired by the art that happens naturally.

I think a lot of this comes from my conscious removal of the blockages that keep me from elevating and evolving. The thoughts and patterns and habits that hold me from fully living and opening my heart and opening my mind. Keeping me from being present enough to notice the eARTh around me.

I couldn’t see what the universe had to offer. All its beauty and opportunities and light.

It’s strange how comfortable I get sitting behind those blockages though. Like this is how I’ve always been. I know how to “deal” with them and I know the outcomes of having them, so why change? It’s predictable and “safe”.

But I can clearly see all of the ways they are holding me back. And at some point, and I hope this happens for everyone, I got tired of the predictability of my life with them. I’m growing weary of knowing that there is a deeper and truer part of me and this world that I’m not connecting with because I’ve been living in a cycle of comfort.

I don’t even want to write down what those blockages are. Because they are slowly finally finding their ways out of my being.

Here was my process:

  • I wrote them down a paper
  • Spent time reading them over and over and reflecting on how they have hindered me in all aspects of life
  • Reflected on my intention for removing them (one major reason being to especially live in my truest form and to be able to genuinely experience life)
  • Prayed for Divine Source and Guides to remove each of them
  • Prayed to my spirit
  • Burned the paper in my sink
  • And threw the ashes and residue outside


This. Is. A. Process. It’s not just simply writing something down and saying you don’t want it anymore. It takes lots of reflection. Lots of being face to face with the nitty-gritty of those blocks. It’s painful. Because I’m realizing and feeling all of this weight I have been walking around trying to lift, while also struggling to lift myself…

And I know I can’t just walk away and expect the days of my life to ever be the same. There will be times when I attempt to exist how I used to exist, but that is not possible knowing what I know now. And knowing how heavy I felt before.

It’s funny because, just when I think I have reached a new level of evolution and a new level of self-knowledge, there are always 10 more layers to explore.

I’m looking forward to many more moments like this. When I am fully present and in tune and connected.


With Light,


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