We often don’t realize it, but who we are and the way we think and behave is so heavily influenced by our own experiences, our genes, and the people around us. What we see and what we hear. They could be long lasting situations or something that comes across our paths in just a minute.

They all affect and mold our ways of thinking and behaving and determine how we move on this planet.

I have been observing my patterns lately. The patterns and the habits that make me who I am. My patterns of thinking, doing, and behaving. Even my patterns of belief.

Not only am I reflecting on them, but I’ve also been drawn to the process of exploring where those patterns and habits came from and how they were conceived.

Some of them were formed as a result of my own experiences in this lifetime. Each experience leaving me with a new way of thinking or living and I use them to help me make decisions during future experiences.

I believe that many have been passed down from past life experiences. I associate these with patterns who’s origins I can’t seem to trace. For example, my unexplainable and irrational fear of vomit or vomiting…

Others have been passed down through generational and ancestral experiences. So they are not necessarily patterns of my own, but have been passed down from my bloodline through conversations with my family and even just through my genetic memory. Like the notion that what goes on behind close doors should stay private and between the people who live behind those doors only.

There are times when I choose to meditate on my habits and patterns. I simply look at them without judgements and thoughts about whether or not “This is a good pattern” or “This is a bad habit”. I acknowledge them and allow them to be what they are, where they are…

There are also moments when I ask myself:

  • Which patterns serve my life journey in positive ways?
  • Which ones are holding me back?
  • Could those patterns be indications that there are experiences in my life that haven’t yet been resolved?

Now that I have a child, I am even more mindful about my patterns because they will directly influence my little one, whether it’s intentional or not.

This is the work. This is the beginning of discovering your ‘Knowledge of Self’.

Part of growth and evolution is taking a close look at who we have become and observing all of the different things that makes us who we are. Our habitual thoughts and behaviors play a huge role in who we are.

I invite you to take some time and think about your patterns. What comes up for you?

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